About Farmioc

Farmioc is India's largest Agriculture Data Analytics and Commodity Marketplace Company promoting Agriculture Sustainability.

Our Story

We are born and raised in a family with an agricultural background and have seen the struggles of the agriculture industry in every aspect. As we strongly felt that there is a need for reliable data solutions that are needed for users across agriculture value-chain in order to make wise decisions for sustainable agriculture.

The global agriculture and food industries are in need to find smart solutions in a short time to a rising range of major challenges, such as a growing population, climate change, and unsustainable production and consumption patterns. It will take huge amounts of data and new ways to generate predictive models to find answers to those problems. Farmioc takes a fundamental step to help address these global challenges in agriculture by collecting and organizing all the data in one centralized place so that users can quickly find and analyze what they need.

At Farmioc, we help stakeholders from different industries related to agriculture value-chain with our data and machine learning predictive-models to help them perform better and deeper analysis in their fields of expertise and to drive insights and analysis to solve agriculture problems. This helps them to make smarter and faster decisions by quickly understanding and predicting the factors that affect the supply and demand of agricultural markets and will put technology in the hands of the agriculture community.

Industry's most advanced Agricultural Data
Analytical tools, predicitive and proprietary machine learning models
Agriculture-centric charts and visualizations
Smarter crop marketing with largest online marketplace