Crop Masks

Accurately forecasting crop yields has broad implications for economic trading, food-production monitoring, and global food security. But creating predictive yield models for many crops when reliable acreage data doesn’t exist presents a unique challenge - figuring out where crops are growing and exactly what the crops are.

To solve this problem, Farmioc is building proprietary, high-resolution crop masks that lack good ground-based data. By compiling satellite images of a given area, it’s possible to determine where a specific crop is growing, and just as importantly, where it is not growing.

Crop yield models are valuable because they take a complex set of variables including acreage, weather patterns, and vegetative health, and synthesize them into an actionable piece of information for a variety of players across the global supply chain. But a critical first step to building yield models is creating a crop mask to figure out what crops are growing where.

We are constantly building more crop masks for multiple crops across india, which are available to our users. We strongly encourage all those interested in the predictive modeling to pay attention to our forecasts and contact us with any thoughts or questions.