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With Farmioc DataStore, you can access tens of millions of data points from the Farmioc derived data.

This data, which can be supply-side or demand-side, yield or harvest, satellite or ground-based, environmental or socio-economic, can be used alone or in combination with your proprietary data to build or improve your analysis.

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Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

Easily browse, extract, and visualize data customized to your needs

DataStore Sample Features

Quickly access our full range of data and deepen your understanding of agricultural trends

Export Data

Exporting data and can compare it with your own proprietary information.

Automatic Updates

Build displays to monitor and data will be automatically update on your charts.

Create Unlimited Dashboards

You can create many displays and all the data will be saved in your profile for easy use.

Compare Sources

Compare data from different sources and you'll now know which numbers to use.

Combine Data

We constructs global data from different sources so it can all be searched using the same terminology.

Embedded Data Dictionary

Look through Farmioc's embedded dictionary to understand every data type in detail.

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Agriculture Industry is evolving faster than ever before, and data is at the core of the progress we have made and the progress we will make in years to come.

– a quote from our Founder

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